Lefkadas Beaches – Go Mainstream

by Island Vibes

Lefkada is one of the most beautiful and gifted islands of Greece. Through our pleasant days there we provide you some tips for the most iconic mainstream beaches of the island!

Porto Katsiki 
One of worlds most famous beaches is next to you as long as you step into the island! Take your camera and your smartphone, take the best sun care protection and “dive” into the magic scene of Porto Katsiki! The sun, the gold sand, the turquoise waters, the rocks and the secret little gulfs are waiting for you to explore them! It’s a lifetime experience so you need to stay there till the memorable sunset. A lot of stores, restaurants and coffee shops are on the way to Porto Katsiki, but we recommend you to pick the famous thyme honey from the villages and the small stores on the road before going to the beach! Take a big breath…enjoy!!!

Kathisma beach is one of the largest and most beautiful beaches in the western side of Lefkada island. It’s a must-see place for the incredible colors of the water, the white sand, the fancy beach bars and restaurants, but it also combines alternative spots, especially at the end of both sides of the beach, for those who want more privacy.
The locals love the beach of Kathisma not just for its short distance but especially for the unique suntan they acquire.

Highlight of the beach is the Copla beach bar, known worldwide for the famous dj guests and their loud dance beat by the beach!

Extra tip : wait till sunset, when the sun disappears into the water!


Aghios Nikitas, the village on the sea …With its history dating back centuries and its special naming, Aghios Nikitas  is the most picturesque seaside village with the most peaceful waters!

Ideal for accommodation, for food and drink, the village absorbs you in its mystery through its alleys, which transfer you to its unique beach.

Visit it all summer, since even in August, it hides its beauty with your towel laid really close to the adjacent swimmers!Tip: Ask for the secret path that leads you to the private beach of Mylos, or take the boat ride from the middle of Agios Nikitas beach that leads you there!

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