Lefkada, a dream that doesn’t end…

by Nikitas Alissafis

Lefkada is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. I would say that it is a miniature of the country as it contains all its beauties and peculiarities in its area.

For most people, Lefkada is the indescribable beaches that adorn all the sites and travel agencies of the world. But for me, that’s not all. It took me many years to discover (and I’m still trying) this island. Yes, the beaches with the turquoise waters are unique, but its city has special magic and aura and its mountainous parts are unique.

I will start with these and with a unique experience that if you have the right car (4×4) or book an excursion with the relevant agencies, will be unforgettable.

It is about the excursion to the mountainous part of the island, through asphalt and dirt road where nature – especially if you do it Spring – is in full bloom and makes you feel lost in it. The highlights of the route are the oak forest of Skari with its perennial trees and the Red Church -built in the 13th century- that was recently restored and reminiscent of the Middle Ages. Also the drive through the “fakohorafa” of Eglouvi (with the famous world lens) and the chapel of the prophet Elias with a view of 360 degrees (Ionian, Epirus, Aitoloakarnania) that ends in the beautiful picturesque villages of Manasis-Nikolis with its unique streams and nature in all its glory.

σκαροι, island vibes
εγκλουβή, φακοχώραφα, island vibes

Another unique experience, especially in the summer months, is the excursion to the whole western part of the island and the ending in the southern part, to Vasiliki gulf and the temple of Apollo in Nira (where according to legend Sappho committed suicide..). It can take you more than a day, as the choices especially from beaches are countless. I will suggest Avali, Kavalikefta and the Megali Petra, which together with Kathisma beach, Agios Nikitas, Porto Katsiki and Egremnos complete the tropical magic of the western side of the island. Words are superfluous, colors breaks the screens in all mobile photos and professional photographic lenses, while the feeling of looking at the sun as it sets in the water makes you feel how the poets of the island were inspired.

But I will highly recommend Avali and Megali Petra because it is peaceful, with beautiful sand, turquoise waters, sun and only ten umbrellas around you. Ideal for urban people.

Lefkada, island vibes

This tour of the west coast can end up in Vasiliki, with its windsurf tourism and also if you endure, you go through the east side of the island and make a stop at Sivota, with the beautiful port, or Nidri, with the statue of Aristotle Onassis and a summer market!

It’s getting dark and it’s time for the other “side” of the island. Tourists start cocktails at 7 on Fly me in Rachi (with the view above the clouds) while others walk through the Central market of Lefkas city, with the beautiful shops and the famous “Kantounia” (small pedestrian streets) that “whisper” music, notes, colors and smiles of people. It’s my favorite moment in town. In all places of the island this time is magical. Walks, ice cream, cool sunburned skin and smiles. Lot of people say that Lefkada has “quiet” nightlife, but I will disagree. Beautiful cafes, decent cocktail bars, groovy bars on the market and a variety of clubs of all styles, shows that the city has its own vibes that can be “witnessed” in the eyes of local people.

Lefkas town, island vibes

While closing this article, I would like to point out another magical experience that you can have at your days on the island. This is the trip by small boat or sailing boat, around the island or on the nearby magical islands of “Princess Polynesia”. Meganisi island has cozy and relaxing vibes, but you will get chills when the boat is close to Scorpios or Madouri, the island of Aristotle Valaoritis.

You’d better look for it yourself!  As the song says… “Lefkada is a dream that does not end…”

Μαδουρή. island vibes

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