Detox advices

by Eleni Boukouvala

Autumn, reorganization season. The most suitable time for reconstruction and rehab, physical and mental.
The vacation’s over. Even the last excursions of September returned, and slowly we are returning to normality and we who have been working all summer. Contrary to what many believe, detoxification is not about a very strict hunger program with tasteless and immune foods (okay, it tends a little that way but it’s for a good cause and a short time!!). However, even small changes in our daily schedule for 1-2 weeks are capable of removing harmful substances from the body and giving us mental clarity and high energy levels.

Symptoms that indicate you need it:
– Unexplained fatigue
– Sluggishness
– Irritated skin
– Allergies
– Bags under the eyes
– Dilated stomach
– Difficulties in the women’s cycle
– Lack of mental clarity

For beginners

The first step is to avoid what is a nervous system stimulant such as alcohol, coffee and general beverages and herbs that contain caffeine. In addition, we avoid sugar, saturated fats and processed carbohydrates. We are mutually avoiding sweets, meat (mainly red) and products made from flour. So what’s left? The consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables, freshly cooked food consisting mainly of vegetables, legumes and raw nuts.
But the most important thing is stress detoxification. Yoga, meditation techniques and better and deep breathing help us in this. This will give us even better results in our bodies and in our spirit.


Those of you who are more pretentiated at the craters anyway, and you’re already following a healthy lifestyle, I have a few more efficiency ways.
Start your breakfast with squeezed lemon in a glass of lukewarm water. Focus on eating herbs and herbal infeites aimed at detoxification such as dandelion root, burdock and mint. Moreover, something very helpful for the body is fasting for 12-16 hours (from dinner to breakfast). Finally help your body eliminate toxins with daily exfoliation.

Efficacy Tips
– Communicate it to your family and friends so you can have support
compliance with your programme
– Set the time to drop the pace and there is more
rest and sleep time
– Exercise, a lot of exercise!

IMPORTANT: however, detoxification should not be done by pregnant women, lactating mothers, children and patients with chronic degenerative diseases. In any case, doctor’s advice is recommended.

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