Islanders in the city

by Artemis Vafia

My beloved Islanders!!!!!

How are you doing?  Have you prepared “melomakarona” and “kourabiedes”?  Or are you planning a trip alone for yourself in the capital of Greece?

This column and I will be here to give you some of the atmosphere of the city of Athens and clever tips to discover it!

So if you’re ready for a dash to beautiful and charming Athens, I have to give you some of them to feel loaled in the city!!!!

islanders in the city1, Athens,

For starters, after you arrive pls check out what’s going on in the area where you will be staying!! Now the local bars are a must, with a lot of people and nice atmosphere !!!
As the season imposes a Christmas mood, don’t forget to take a walk to the SNFCC (Stavros Niarchos Foundation), where it is adorned, will definitely have an event these days and you will have a great time!
In the same mood you can go to Technopolis at The Christmas Factory: the Elves’ Parade, where you will experience the magic of Christmas! There you will find games for the kids, delicacies and beautiful gifts that you can make to your loved ones!!! Definitely you could continue your walk or take the metro to Monastiraki and enter Psirri where there you can find everything! In one corner amazing sweets, in the other “rempetadika” restaurants with live Greek music and traditional cuisine, in some streets drinks and dancing, in the others you are taken to the most dreamy fairy tale in Cuba!!! You will find many stores with brunch in every corner of the city, so feel free to visit them!!

Add a theatre show to your program and then an early drink in Kolokotroni str, which can turn too late. 😉
If you’re even more night-time guys don’t forget to search for the city’s most in-town parties!!!! Drink, dance and good vibes await you!
The most important tip for this strange city with so many beautiful contrasts is to be “in the mood”, have fun and brio so you can enjoy it and have a great time!!! Put your best smile on and fill up with beautiful pictures!!! The islands, after all, will be there waiting for you!!!
And don’t forget… I love you!!!


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