The evolution of Electronic music – By Kostas Koyos

by Island Vibes

The 90’s are one of the most productive decades for electronic music, as there was a great revolution in technology. The evolution of computers combined with the low cost of new music machines created many DJs and bands. So became the big bang with the birth of dnb (drum and bass), trip hop, dubstep and other many kinds.

Electronic Dance music may have started in the 1980s, but in the ’90s was emerging, with different genres changing and making the world come closer and closer to this scene. Up until 2000 and recently, what I have understood is that electronic music is evolving and this is shown by the audience that has and is constantly growing around the world.

“In essence, people see it as a great celebration, as each of us should generally see music.”

Personally for me, this music is the antidote to seeing things with another eye, an energy, a euphoria that makes you feel alive. It may be misunderstood, but I believe that over the years this will change.

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Over the years there have been tracks that made history for electronic music and have spurred further development.

“Music is the answer” from Celeda and Danny Tenaglia, legendary. “Silence” from Delirium. It is one of the tracks that hot the clubs from the late 90’s until the mid-00’s. One of my favourites, “Insomnia” of Faithless, a milestone for the majority of those who grew up with house and electronic music. “You Got Me Fired Up” and we go back to 1996 with Fired up of Funky Green Dogs that we all have on our playlists. 2000, “One More Time” by Daft Punk, 2002, “Satisfaction” by Benny Benassi. In 2008, Armin Van Buuren’s “In and Out of Love” is released, which is heard by everyone and becomes classic.

Coming close to today, I am making reference to a recent track released in 2017, it’s one of my favourites and led the album to come out as England’s best album (which is quite rare for an electronic music record). That’s “Glue” of Biceps.

There are many epic tracks that have made the electronic scene as powerful and popular as today. Personal observation, the most important achievement is the evolution of sound and melody in the tracks over the years.

Closing this article, I must make a special reference to the electronic music festivals, which played a special role in its explosion and brought so many people together, creating a new culture of entertainment.

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Starting from abroad, europe’s biggest festival that takes place every year in the summer at the Belgian town of Boom is Tomorrowland. Awakenings is also massive, which is held two to three times a year in Amsterdam.

Within Greek borders, the Add Festival that takes place every year in May at the old airport and Reworks in Thessaloniki every September, which this year turned 15 years old, are the biggest. If you were going to one of them, or where other new ones start now, it’s the best chance to get on this journey and become part of the history and evolution of electronic music!

Music is the answer!
Dj Kostas Koyos

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