Music Roadtrips

by Mr. Z

People talk about heatwaves and cement that burn and sound like their voices come out of a well. Agia Mavra has been smoothly whipped by winds of 3-4 beaufort for several days. Winds traveling with at least 16 km / h. The right speed for the reorganization of our thoughts and total physical relaxation. Practically speaking, we mean comfortable rest on the sand and easy-quick tan.

Summer is late, but it will probably compensate us in September, as it seems. Personally, I waited for this lazy season (for nature and labor for me) every year like light in the dark. Something that has changed completely this year. It seems as if something broke inside me and all I seek now is to be well and have fun, regardless of season. Demystification, poetry and love. Enough with my dark thoughts, let’s buckle down. This is the best time for holiday planning and this is what we will focus on.

Will Holland, known as Quantic, is definitely one of the most talented musicians of the past 20 years. With a tremendous record on the resourceful Tru Thoughts from Brighton, England, with music that has reached all corners of the world. And when we say it's huge, we mean it. Twelve personal Long Player albums, hundreds of EPs and singles and 4 to 5 albums with other bands (see Quantic Soul Orchestra, Combo Barbaro etc). He abandoned London after great success and settled in the town of Escobar, Medellín in Cali, Colombia, hence the change from Trip Hop, Electronica, Nu Funk, Soul to Reggae and Latin. His last record is called "Atlantic Oscillations" and it is definitely one of his best. Following a different style and genre, he presents 11 compositions at the peak of his career, very maturely and right.
The place he lives now is New York and this is salient. Here things are more symmetrical and electronic without missing the tropical element and its magical Brasilian opuses that resemble the great Arthur Verocai. Here’s what we will do, we’ll play a game. I will pick out 4 of the best tracks of the album to accompany 4 favorite Vespa routes on the beautiful island of Lefkada. Shall we go? - roadtrips

I have always loved having short trips around the island with headphones. So, I did not only enjoy the music I listened to, but also the routes. There is a fantastic track that connects the villages of the Municipality of Sfakiotes with Pefkoulia and Agios Nikitas. A course through the forest by descending. With beautiful scents from the mountain, freshness and dew, since there is water passing underneath. The huge plane trees that grow in the soil slits that are formed on the ground in the slopes are indicative. The place is called “Langada” and for this I choose the 5th track entitled: “You used to love me” with Denitia on vocals. Continuing on the beautiful route that connects Kathisma with Kalamitsi, a long biking trail leading to a torn mountain from the left, overlooking Avali, the canteen and the banana
trees above the sea. In this case, definitely “Atlantic Oscillations” suits, 5 on the tracklist of the album. The third favorite, an enchanting route that few know, ”piso kavatzotiki” as we call it, from Karya to Nydri. A Green side overlooking all small islands that stand opposite (Scorpios, Madouri, Meganissi etc). A chance of tranquility and view from above. Beautiful! That’s where I put on “Orquidea”, the seventh track of the album that is wild, exotic and extremely sentimental. A mysterious samba. The last favorite route, walking through the flea market route from Aghios Minas to the beach and “Mouteli” and then zigzag through the traditional alleys with the houses made of galvanised tin. I choose “September Blues”, 3rd on the album and one of his most beautiful moments. Synths and Disco boots meet the
soulful element of Milton Nascimento.

Lefkada has many beauties, this is the only sure thing. But its beauties are not only its ultimate destinations, the seas, the villages and the city. Many times ,the mind travels better on the routes. Either where you walk or drive and expect to see something at the end and think loudly, you dream about delights and answers. So you’re more than happy. Time does not have us. We have it and the routes want the right amount of time to make pleasure culminate. Why not put music? Arrange memories, eat well, charge cameras and mobiles. The coveted Summer of 2019 may be our best in our beloved Lefkada.

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