Catching a wave

by Mr. Z

It’s a sweet dawn and everything gets into place. Nature does its job as much as it can, even the atmosphere cleans up to welcome another day to the island. Have you ever visited the sea in the early hours of the morning? It’s magical. On the one hand the quietness that the beach is almost empty, on the other hand the calm waters. Every hour has its good and bad. In the mountains too everything is fantastic. Trees give the rhythm and the smells help to completely awaken the body.

Since I was a little kid, I’ve had favorite rides with beginning and end. In my daily schedule the routes are also destinations. At noon, I’m putting them down and I’m on my way. The images bring me lyrics and words while the atmosphere shows me how to start thinking about music and its production. That’s for the silent days. For all the others, I choose records and songs that I want to suck throughout, until I reach my favorite beach of the island. I’m slowing down and enjoying it. Lefkada and every island on the map has different gravity. Every one chooses their favorite place and decides to live it differently.

Coffee at sea must be a rite of passage. To last long and have a lot of music, a lot of talk and good books to read. Sunbathing and relaxation. I look back at our great mysterious philosophical words that are abruptly interrupted for a dip in the waters that ends in swimming and exploring within us. Because deep down, it’s just you and yourself. In “Agita” (Agios Nikitas beach, Lefkada) for espresso until the sun goes down and in Kathisma beach for lying down and club sandwiches and beers until late night. And then again rides, with the salt in our skin, that reminds us of another day in heaven. Every season has its unique things, but summer in Lefkada it’s the best.

These days I passively love a fantastic piece written in 1983 by two surfers in Hawaii, Steve and Teresa, who in the evenings left the boards and caught the guitars. It was released on vinyl, in private press and is the right soundtrack for this year’s (I wish very hot) Summer. Its title, ”Catching a Wave” and it is a magical folk – bossa nova style track. We’re one breath from summer and we think differently. We prepare the heart. We’ll travel and soak again in hugs. Yes!

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